Extra Feature: Kaban View

What's new for this update?

Well, I added the Kaban View that allows users to manage all tasks base on the Kaban concept. Kaban's original meaning is "visual board" in Japanese and is a lean method to manage the workflow first used by Toyota. But you can use that for any size project. It is easy to adapt from hobby to professional.

Based on that concept, I split all the tasks into three groups TO DO, IN PROGRESS, and DONE. Users can use Kaban View to arrange their task cards by dragging and dropping the task card into the desired column. Using the Kaban View gives me a better view of the overall of my current project.

I added an extra feature on the main view to help users filter their tasks based on the three groups above. I hope those new features help you in your work. This tool is free. You can download it from the link below.


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74 days ago

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